Susie Ayoub



The Susie Ayoub Makeup workshops are for passionate aspiring makeup artists who wish to learn skills and techniques to create flawless makeup application. All workshops have limited spots available. 


The current workshops we are offering are:

  • Private One on One Workshops 

  • 4 Week Workshop (LAST ONE FOR 2016: CLOSING SOON)

  • Self (DIY) Workshop to learn makeup on your own face

  • Salon Workshop (Have Susie come to you)


The Private Workshop is a one on one experience whereby you will create signature looks with Susie. We offer 2 time frame options. 3 hours OR 5 hours.


Our 4 Week workshop (Last one for 2016 is closing soon)


Or if you are not aspiring to be a makeup artist and simply want to learn how to apply your own makeup for your special occassions, the DIY workshop is for you. You will learn to apply your own makeup with Susie. 2 Time frames available are 1 or 2 hours.


For more details or to secure a position in one of these workshops, please email and the staff would love to assist you with your enquiry.